Plant vs the Terrifying Trio

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sun Sep 29 06:23:51 MDT 1996

JJ writes as if Louis P, the jewel in the crown of Left-unity list, has
never groundlessly and libellously accused Bob M of being a police agent.

He also never refers to the methodological shenanigans he himself has been
a leading part of on unity-list when it comes to excluding and banning
people on grounds that are specious because they only hold for some

It's these methods that are tried and true in the Stalinist tradition.

>Hence when you began calling me and others on
>Left Unity stalinists you accused us of having the politics of the

Yup -- in practical method, and especially in connection with an attempt
that ostensibly claims to be promoting left unity.

>You did this long before Louis diagnosed you.

JJ accepts Louis's criminal charge against Bob. On what grounds? Surely not
the flimsy, shifting and retracted gossamer that Louis's been weaving?

>It was
>therefore your own accusations that placed you on the wrong side of
>the class line and opened the way to the revelation of the truth
>about yourself.

Asserting that someone is pushing a bourgeois political line is not the
same as crossing a class line. Accusing someone of being a police spy is.

JJ views Bob as a class enemy. He views Louis P as a class ally.

He also tries his hand at Louis style bravado:

>Man, I've had serious death
>threats from fascists to deal with. They didn't dent my attendance
>record at the pub. You don't even register a zero on the Richter

Bringing fascist death threats into this discussion shows a sense of
proportion that is way out of kilter with the oh-so-reasonable
let's-look-at-the-next-comma image he's promoting of himself behind the
firewalls of unity-list.

Louis P and JJ, a team made in Heaven.



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