Malecki's Picture: The Class and the Clique

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Sun Sep 29 07:15:35 MDT 1996

> On 28 Sep 1996, Jon Flanders wrote:

>  >> If I don't  hear any good political reasons for not posting it in the next few hours, I will load it up and send it.  -Jay <<

> >
> >   We should not be setting any precedents with the posting of list members
> > pictures. Think what it might mean to someone in a repressive society who
> > might be participating in this discussion, to have someone who disliked her or
> > him post their picture.
> >
> Louis: This is preposterous. Malinovsky ends every post with  "read my
> book" and then gives the URL address. When you go to the page, there are
> several buttons including "Book", "Comments" and "Author". If you click
> "Author", you get a big picture of Malinovsky. The only people who need
> protection are Marxists on this list who are trying to have a conversation
> while there is somebody in our midst with a very loud bullhorn calling out
> every three minutes: "Build the forth intrenational".

Jon is absolutely right. He understands the danger of this
provocation because he is intelligent man.  Jon CARES about the attack
of the ruling class on the Communist Internet provocation because
he is a WORKER.

Jon is not a friend of Robert and his political position.  On the contrary,
as many other class-conscious American workers, he is still dependent on the US
Bourgeois Left, more precisely, its Marxist section, maskerading as communists.
But as a worker, Jon is LOYAL to the interests of his class. In this case,
the interest of his class is to protect the Internet as an important tool
of its struggle, as the only mass medium that has a potential to break
the Iron Curtain of the bourgeois propaganda machine.

Louis, atheost characteristic representative of the Marxist Bourgeois Left
in this list does not have any loyalty whatsoever to Jon's class. His
loyalty, his morality, his politics are that of the CLIQUE. In the nutshell,
this is the deeper social, moral, and political meaning of their disagreement.

This is a good sign.  Political maturation of American working class, its
painful, but absolutely necessary break with the Bourgeois Left can be
achieved only in the process of real class struggle, of which this Internet
episode is a tiny but concrete expression.

Vladimir Bilenkin

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