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Banned from the "Unity" list at Jefferson Village For being
 a "Trotskyist" and a "philthy lumpen" background, who today
lives with his "pigs and donkeys" in exile-where he ran away
during the Vietnam War.

According to the ex-vice viseur of the "Unity" list at
 Jefferson village!

Boycott the "Unity" List at Jefferson Village!

2. A New Trend on the Left and Jefferson Village?

3. The Labor Party and Trotskyists!



>In a message dated 96-09-12 09:34:36 EDT, Japanese Bozo writes:
><< >We will ever forget that the evil American government
> >dropped atomic bombs on Japan. >>
>And we will never forget that the Japanese government started the whole thing
>by attacking Pearl Harbor.  They got what they deserved with the atomic
>bombs.  I can't believe they were dense enough to need TWO bombs to convince
>them to surrender.  My grandpa defended himself and his country by blasting
>those Kamikaze planes before they rammed into his ship.  He was forced to
>shoot children swimming in the ocean because they would swim up to the
>American ships with grenades.  It was a terrible war.  My only regret is that
>they didn't drop the bombs sooner to put an end to the many lives that were
>lost fighting that war.  For what it's worth, I still only buy GM, Ford, or
>Chryser cars although that doesn't neccesarily mean 100% American anymore.


So, innocent Japanese civilians "got what they deserved with the atomic
bombs", 'ey? And you call yourself a Christian? And you protest abortions?
If you believe that these human beings "got what they deserved with the
atomic bombs", then what, pray tell, do you think AMERICA deserves for:

1.)     Committing organised genocide against the thriving Native American
        nations and stealing their land from them?

2.)     Taking over by force the state of Texas, where you live? (Not to
        mention California)...

3.)     Attempting to take over by force the provice of New Brunswick,

4.)     Forcefully dividing nations like Vietnam and Korea into two
        separate, warring nations?

5.)     Napalming TEN MILLION civilians in Vietnam in a war that was
        completely illegal, never declared and never approved by

6.)     Murdering 500,000 innocent babies in Iraq through the effects
        of the embargo placed against that nation after the Gulf War?

7.)     Dropping an atomic bomb on the artistic city of Dresden,
        Germany, murdering 350,000 unarmed women, children, and elderly,
        whilst the entire male population (within fighting age) were
        away defending other parts of the German nation?

8.)     Kidnapping Africans from their motherland, transporting them
        across the ocean to the United States, forcefully separating
        families, and selling them into bondage?

9.)     Invading Panama, a sovereign nation, and murdering many
        thousands of innocent, unarmed civilians, and arresting and
        kidnapping the nation's president, Manuel Noriega, a long-
        time CIA puppet, in order to silence him and prevent him
        from revealing to the American people that presidential
        candidate George Bush is the world's biggest drug dealer?

10.)    Spreading its Hollywood-centred moral decadence and sexual
        perversion around the globe?

I could go on. The list is endless. You, like all Americans, are
all too familiar with this list.

Have you ever asked yourself why the Japanese decided to bomb
Pearl Harbor? Do you actually believe their only reason was to
take over the United States, as you were likely taught in your
U.S. schools? Do you really believe that your grandfather was
defending America by fighting Japan? Are you proud of your
grandfather for murdering brave little children who were only
trying to defend their country which your grandfather and the
U.S. government were invading? Do you really think you're
keeping your money in America when you buy "American" cars,
when, in California alone, up to 85% of all the banks are owned
by Japan? If the Japanese were so bad back then...bad enough to
drop atomic bombs on, then how do you feel about your government,
the same government who bombed Japan, now doing business with
them as if they're the best of friends? How do you feel about
your government selling the United States to Japan, piece by
piece? How do you feel, knowing that Hawaii is now almost
completely owned by Japan, and postcards from Hawaii are written
in Japanese more often than in English? Is this all logical to
you? Did anyone ever tell you that the bombs were dropped on
Japan after they had already surrendered?

How about this, Mike. Since you think Japan deserved to have
two atomic bombs dropped on them...would you agree that America
deserves to have at least ONE dropped on her?

A New Trend on the Left and Jefferson Village?

Is their a new trend developing on the left and at Jefferson Village? It
appears so, at least on the surface, after the last months of struggle
around M1,M2, and the new "unity" list.

The two most obvious expressions of this trend are the recent letters around
people who are expressing "being tired of the old fights" and the "unity"
list expression of unity with all except the "Stalinists" and certain
individuals with working class background and"hard" Trotskyists.

But let us delve futher into the matter and see if this is really a new
trend or in fact old trends that are acting in a both dispicable and
liquidationist manner under the guise of unity after the historic events of
the past few years.

Let us take the "tired of the old fights" people first. This includes as i
see it a lot of the Stalinists, neo stalinists like Louis P., liberals like
Doug, I,m not quite sure that
Vladimir is arguing this point but in a sense must include him because of
the line he represented in regards to the former Soviet Union, naturally
some labor party people and it appears that some of the state capitalists
(Jorn) also seem to be supporting these ideas. Perhaps the "duck pond" (M2)
should be included here also.

Now as i see it none of the above have programatically given up the "old
fights" but in fact are using this as and excuse in order to actually carry
out and defend some of the old fights! This means concretely that they
proclaim, how horrible these old fights are, how boring, etc., but at the
same time stand for the program and politics of just some of the old sides
here and now in today's reality! So for communists the question is naturally
posed that the screams of "tired of the old fights" must be seen in the
program activities that the very same people doing the screaming stand for
today. Is it something new they represent? A gigantic step forward in the
theoretical and programatical areas that will lead the International
Proletariat forward to Victory?
I say NO it doesn,t! In fact it is the same old reformist and centrist
bullshit that the reformists and centrists have always stood for. It is not
new but a programatic rehash of the same old mistakes that the reformist and
Stalinists have always made.

So in fact the only people on this list of the Stalinists that have been
honest about this are the PCP people Aldolfo foremost, but Quispe,Gina,Rolf
despite their war who have been honest in saying we are Stalinists, we stand
for this, or that.

Where as the other Stalinists and neo Stalinists do not say this at all.
Some of them even claim they are not Stalinists. However the concrete
positions of some of these people is Stalinist to its core. Vladimir who
stands for and International popular front against the "facists" in Russia,
Louis and his defense of the Cuban Stalinists and the popular front politcs
of the FNLS in Nicarugua. Louis G. who has stepped a little to the left from
Gus Hall and the American CP, but defends Stalinists politic to the core,
Doug the Liberal, who appears to be a cheering squad for Proyect these days,
just to name a few of the Stalinists and there liberal supporter Doug  who
say "i am tired of the old fights". Well the reason some people are fighting
the old fights is because you have the political positions of the old
fights! You defend the political position of the old fights. Despite all
your whining about being tired of the "old" fights!

The popular front, the stage theory of revolution, broad unity of the left
instead of a Proletarian United front, soft on petty bourgeois gureilla
warfare, tactics on the trade unions, tactics vis a vis reformist parties,
and naturally your undying hate of orthodox "Trotskyists". These are
programatical positions them stem from the old arguements which you are
trying to carry out under the guise of being "tired" of the old arguements.
Quite remarkable that you think that any thinking person should get sucked
into this unity mongering around the old reformist and Stalinist positions
by dong this.

Naturally this arguement goes for the reformists and the "duckpond" (m2)
also. However they are going along the lines of these horrible sectarian
Trots and Stalinists fighting about the old where we are trying to build a
mass reformist Labor Party in the US. Or defending the "peaceway to
socialism" or popular frontism, or giving critical support to the democrats
or what ever. Or the "duckpond" which thinks that they are above all of this
and walk out of M1 with their noses in the air. There arguements are
basically for tearoom socialists that see Internet as a cool way to
tell us that their shit does not stink like the rest of the world.

Now to the "Unity" list. There motivation is basically opportunism to the
core. Many who claim to be "Trotskyist" who under the guise of "unity" are
moving quickly to the right towards the reformist parties. Thus the ban on
Stalinists. Better to tail the reformists, Greens, Solidarity movements and
build broad based unity around nothing. In fact chasing everything with the
classical position of the party of the whole class! The only exception to
there "Unity" plans with the above is keeping the Stalinists and orthodox
trotskyists away from their list. This is in fact the movement of those on
the "Unity" list and nothing else. But what kind of programatic conclusions
will there be? Something new? Something revolutionary? Something that breaks
the trend of the old fights? Hardly! In fact any program coming out of the
"Unity" list will be some watered down mini-maxi program of the second
International or something in between.

That is how i see this so called new trend. But it is definitely not a new
trend at all!  What is going on is that the reformists,centrists, and fake
Trotskyists, are in a shambles. After all the defeats of last years many of
them which they openly supported or critically supported they are once again
trying to mobilise forces of "unity" mongerers. Uniting those who are
responsible for the betrayals under the guise of lying aside the old fight.
The old fights are alive and well and  above all YOU represent the old
fights programatically! This is why i say lets have Communist Unity
around a revolutionary program against the fake "unity" mongerers!

That is the bottom line of this fake new trend! That is why they unite
against the orthodox Trotskyists! And this is why they unite against the old
guard Stalinists of the "Red Front" period. Because then they can unite
around the same old formulas and continue to betray the working class as
usual. They still stand for popular fronts! They still stand for stage
theory of revolution! They still stand for mini-maxi programs!
They still stand for all of the historical mistakes of the last 60 years today!

Just as the *real* Trotskyists stand for their positions today and naturally
counterpose our politics of the old against these old positions of the
reformists, centrists and fake Trotskyist liquidators!

For Communist Bolshevik-Leninist Trotsky Unity!

Towards the Rebirth of the Communist International

Warm regards
Bob Malecki
The Labor Party and Trotskyists!

I have been away and missed a good part of this debate on the labor
party. However this discussion is fairly important because we are facing
the same situation here in the Scandinavian countries. The trend is
towards the Blair solution and in fact Tony has been on TV here offering
his ideas to the Social Democracy in Sweden in order to solve the
problems facing the party.

What is quite clear is that there is still a big difference between
the tops and the party apparatus and the trade union bureaucracy in
the Social Democracy. One sees it everyday in the newspapers, on the
radio and tv. There are two explicit tendencies at this point who
are battling for control of the direction of the party.

The one is the open pro capitalist road which derives its support
>from the middle class which is becoming more conservative and moving
quickly to the right and drawing the party tops with it. The other
is the workers movement that is moving to the left because of the
cuts of the pro capitalist right wing and mass unemployment. The
labor bureacracy is to the right of this movement and is trying
desperately to show the leadership of the party that its policies
are destroying its working class base and threatening the union
bureaucracy that loyallly held the party up through all the years
of reformist politics.

However this is no longer a viable alternative for the dominant
right wing fraction of the party who has turned to the "Center"
Party (a bougeois party) based on the farmers of Sweden in order
to drive through its policies. Although not a coalition government
it is as near as one can get to a coalition government.

However, i think that the debate here is top down based on what the
tops and union bureaucrats are doing instead of looking at the class
and what is happening their. Crys of despair and desperation along
with massive resentment to the present cuts all along the line makes
the workers movement a pressure cooker awaiting to explode.

Thus i think at this point a bold iniative of a new workers party
based on both defensive and offensive demands including the popular
slogan of a real workers government certainly should be seen as a
viable alternative to the present jockying around the twists and
turns of the labor tops of the trade union bureaucracy. Also the
possilbility of and independant list of trade union candidates on
a clear program could also deserve support at this particular point.
However with the downfall of Stalinism and the lurch by the Social
Democracy into the capitalist camp i think the first alternative
is the best.

Trotskyist parties and independant candidates as Trotskyists on a
clear program is an opening at this point that we should not miss.
For the first time in history for a long time this can be the
rallying cry for tens of thousands of workers in motion.

Hopefully the years of trecking out in the wilderness and the
blantant opportunism of some of the "Trotskyists" groups in all
kinds of circus acts will now come to a halt and we can mobilise
our forces around the TP and move forward.

To miss this chance would be the end of the Trotskyist current
in revolutionary politics. Because the workers will turn there
backs to those who are not prepared to go all the way and they
are right!

Forward to a reforged Fourth International.

For Mass Trotskyist Parties throughout Europe..


Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,
Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my Crystalball!

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