'Stalinist' : an insult or a diagnosis ?

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Adolfo replied to me :

>>We do
>>not yet have much theory about 'post-Stalinist stalinism' - the
>>newly social-democratic CPs of Eastern Europe and formations such
>>'Democratic Left' in Britain. I agree with Chris that a discussion
>>aimed at clarifying the use of the word 'Stalinist' would be
>>Can't be done on this list, you'd be clarified to death by the
>>big-volume keyboard cowboys.
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>You may not.  Demonstrating thus how backward and stuck in time is
>the ONTOLOGICAL view of the Trotskyst dogmatists.  However we do
have >one: It is called Modern Revisionism and its very basis lays in
>denying Stalin's achievements, slandering the proletarian
dictatoship >under the pretext of "criticising Stalin's mistakes and
excesses", >and merging in practice with Trotskysm in amorphus
anti-revolutionary >"Unity lists".


Well of course I never doubted that as a founder member of the
Quarrelsome Quartet you would have a theory for absolutely
everything. The world in general seems to have been a little slow in
adopting your wisdom. No doubt they need a touch of the iron broom.

There is a widely held view, to the effect that 'Stalinism is dead'.
This seems a little premature. It requires China to be excluded from
the world view. It also requires the electoral successes of the
'reconstructed stalinists' in several East European states to be
written off. The 'death of stalinism' theory to a large degree
accounts for the inability of the left to comment on the military
success of islamic reaction against the stalinists in Afghanistan.
The barbaric consequences of this victory are already spilling over
into Pakistan.

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