Class struggle- a debate?

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Sun Sep 29 08:06:13 MDT 1996

At 22:16 26-09-96 PDT, Russell Pearson wrote:

>But what concerns me is that there is little evidence of a repeat of 1917
happening today.
>Thus I have a first point for the debate:
>1)That the class struggle is at an all time low.

This has was debated on the list a few months ago, and I think it was
really one of the most fruitful debates in the some 8 months I have been on
the list. So it might be worth continuing.

Russell, why do you say that the class struggle is at an all time low?
Could you substantiate?

In Denmark (where you could often get the same *feeling*) statistics shows
that this is not true. Numbers of strikes, participants in strikes etc.
show that actually for the last 3-4 years the struggle is higher, not
lower, than in some of the years of the 1970's.

The problem does not seem to be the level of class struggle as such, but
rather the low level of *generalization*, i.e. the extent to which local
struggles are brought together and formed into a general movement against

What do you think?



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