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Sun Sep 29 08:08:48 MDT 1996

At 17:54 28-09-96 +0200, Robert Malecki wrote:
>>At 13:19 27-09-96 +0200, Robert Malecki wrote:
>>>What concerns me more is the Swedes getting more and more involved in the
>>>imperialist efforts to put a tighter NATO ring around the former Soviet
>>>Union. But you would not understand that coming from your State Cap
>>>position. But i hope there are a lot of old Stalinists near the nuclear
>>>buttons if push comes to shove.

>Actually Jorn i was thinking when i wrote the above that you would get a
>rise about it. But just signing your signateur does not say much. I doubt
>that you would want the list to believe that you support that statement.
Do you?
>Bob Malecki

Of course I don't. No thinking worker would hope for getting nuclear bombs
thrown at her. I agree 100% with Richard, who wrote:

> I would rather not get blown up by anybody thank you!

One could take your conclusion as evidence of the bankrupcy of the
"degenerated workers' state" theory, but that would be false. Very few
would but the most lunatic Spartacists could draw a conclusion like that,
even before the collapse of stalinism. You seem to do it almost 6 years after!

Rather it is an example of theory not being a guide to action, but a veil
hindering the real world to enter your eyes.

I really thought it was a slip of keyboard-itis, so that it would be
obvious, what I meant. But sometimes even the obvious has to be spelt out ...



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