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Sun Sep 29 08:47:37 MDT 1996

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>So Left Unity list is as useless as you say ? Then why do you
>'authodox' only discover the TP after LU starts a discussion on it ?
>My discussion with Louis and David about the TP will take place on LU
>not on the dying M1. If you need to scavenge like a cockroach for
>crumbs of discussion falling from the LU table, that's entirely your
>problem. Anybody who would like to read the whole discussion, and who
>is not chronically incapable of comradely or civilised behaviour, can
>subscribe to LU for themselves. They would not be dependent on you to
>select like a prison censor the crumbs you choose to throw their way.

Ahh Plant,

Sure just loads of stuff going on at the "Unity" list. A total of 6
moderaters voted for the charter and 1 person against! The list had about 30
names and PO recieved more letters of solidarity about his expulsion then
the vote on the charter!

And as far as subbing to the list. I have always said that i would follow
the table manners but politically oppose bans,expulsions and exclusions on
political grounds.

I could not have broken any rules. I was never allowed on the list. Because
i am and outspoken Trotskyist who opposes liquidating the politics of the
Left Opposition and the TP.

One would think that a person would have to be on a list and be thrown off
for some sort of behavior. Not banned and accused of behaving in way on a
list that he was never on, wouldn't you?

But in Plant's world a serious discussion about the TP and Trotskyist
politics is polemics with Proyect the yellow journalist who hates
Trotskyists of any kind at all!
But of course he hates Malecki worst of all and Hugh is a good second which
makes Proyect an important ally for Plant to ban,exclude and expell people
who's only crime is to defend Trotskyism.

Bob Malecki

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