State, class and democracy

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Sun Sep 29 10:25:42 MDT 1996

>I think the debate about the coming socialist democracy is getting a little
>"utopian". What I think is missing is some links to how workers actually
>have been organizing their - small attempts at - class rule, in the real

OK Jorn,

I will buy the "workers counsils" or Soviets or whatever. However I think
that these counsils should be seen as dual organs of power. But this has not
been the case all the time. In Chile despite these organs or in France today
we have the political super structure of the workers movement in this case
the popular front. This is what determines the direction of these organs of

So it is not just a question of supporting these organs that develop in all
kinds of situations. But that they are organised independently of all wings
of the bourgeoisie.

Because the political superstructure the Popular front in this case derails
this of being any kind of independent class mobilization thus leading sooner
or later to a betrayal.

The main battle in 1917 was not with Kornikov and the generals but with the
Mensheviks and the Socialist revolutionaries that had a majority in the
Soviets after the February revolution.

The whole axis of the struggle turned around the independent Proletariat
seizing the power with the Bolshevik party or defeat along with the Social
revolutionaries and the Mensheviks.

So without discussing which program and which class and fighting against all
of those political trends that will derail any kind of mobilization whether
it be a strike or revolutionary uppheaval and struggle for power puts the
whole discussion around these organs of power up in the air hanging.

This goes in 1996 just as it did in 1917.

Bob Malecki

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