Plant on TP!

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Sun Sep 29 10:51:25 MDT 1996

>But in Plant's world a serious discussion about the TP and Trotskyist
>politics is polemics with Proyect the yellow journalist who hates
>Trotskyists of any kind at all!
>But of course he hates Malecki worst of all and Hugh is a good second which
>makes Proyect an important ally for Plant to ban,exclude and expell people
>who's only crime is to defend Trotskyism.
>Bob Malecki

You see, Mr. Plant - you are an enemy of Trotskysm!  You hate Trotskysm's
PREDILECT SON - the Prophet Unarmed of the poor and working class people -
that is official!  And it comes directly from the mouth of the most
egregious representative of SERIOUS Trotskysm in the world.  One Robert
malecki who advocates all sorts of degenerations and anti-working class
slanders from an idyllic countryside mansion somewhere in Sweden.

You must at least confess to be just another FUNNY Trotsky symphatiser with
a soft (i.e. reasonable) position regarding the question of Lenin's belief
in the possibility of constructing complete socialism in ONE country FIRST.

Unless you are capable - like any SERIOUS Trotskyst should do - of ignoring
evidence before your own eyes - a la Rodwell - you have no alternative but
to make this admission to having FUNNY Trotskyst tendencies at least.

If that is your position, and respecting your sympathies for Trotsky's other
qualities and suggestions, you would be a more SERIOUS Leninist than malecki
who is a 100% Trotskyst.  You would be, however much to your distaste,
somehow "Stalinistic" too - whatever that may mean this days - confirming -
to your advantage - malecki's, Rodwell's, and other SERIOUSLY crackpot
Trotskysts of the 100% garbage can variety.

Good luck then with your position, Mr. Plant, and I say this with goodwill
for your endeavours.


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