Lenin 'On Co-operation' : notes of a liquidator.

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Adolfo misses the point by a million miles, because his language is as
slovenly as his thought:

>Why claim - falsely - that Lenin ADVISED against building socialism in ONE
>country and that the whole problem lies in Stalin defying him?  This is not
>true, as you can now see.

Lenin fought until his death for the strengthening of the socialist
foundations of the new workers' state, he and Trotsky fought more than
anyone else for the survival of the workers' state on its own until
victorious proletarian revolutions in other countries came to its help.

If he states the possibility of a nation-wide system of voluntary
small-peasant cooperatives forming the basis of a socialist state, he is
talking about a potential situation, and the socialist economic foundations
of the state rather than a fully-fledged socialist society in the sense of
Marx's classical definition in the Gotha Programme.

Lenin never advised against building *towards* socialism in one country as
far as you could, if that single country was all you had so far. He never
dreamed socialist society could be *achieved* in that single country. So he
didn't always explicitly account for every conceivable (and in the case of
Socialism in One Country, for Lenin) inconceivable set of conditions in
every speech he made or article he wrote.

For instance, Lenin's opening words to the congress of soviets on the day
after the revolution succeeded, 26 October 1917, as reported by John Reed,

        We shall now proceed to construct the socialist order!

Perhaps Adolfo (with his own poodle Richard B wagging his tail for him)
will now claim that this too is *proof* for the infamous theory of
Socialism in One Country?



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