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Sun Sep 29 08:10:10 MDT 1996

Louis N Proyect wrote to Rolf:
> Louis: You can stay, but please get off the Plutonium kick. This is like
> listening to somebody talking about space aliens. Why don't you just stick
> to sane stuff like calling Trotsky an agent of the Mikado, etc.

Sorry Louis,

I found this and had to post it.

                            Daily tonic

British Nuclear Fuels Limited has disowned John Graham, vice president
of the company's US subsiduary, after he claimed that daily doses of
radiation are good for people.

He gave a paper on the benifits of radiation to the Uranium Institute's
annual meeting in London, where he said that people predisposed to
cancer should be given radiation doses throughout their lives.(end)

I am not sure, but it may have been a plan to get cheap labour to work
at Sellarfields nuclear waste processing plant, or have I been watching
too many episodes of "the Simsons"?


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