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Sun Sep 29 12:00:46 MDT 1996

Doug Henwood wrote:
> At 1:23 PM 9/29/96, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
> >c) It is common practice on both m1 and m2 to brand people you have
> >political disagreements with as "idiots" or worse.
> Not at all. I have lots of disagreements with Adolfo, but I read him and
> take him seriously. Ditto Vlad. Malecki is indisputably an idiot, as is
> Martens. You, Hugh, are a marginal case - obviously there's something
> between your ears, but you don't seem to use it often, other than to draw
> upon your catechistic inventory.
> Doug
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> Doug Henwood
> Left Business Observer

But Doug, we never know what our opinions may be tomorrow.  Today
you take Adolfo "seriously." But that was not always the case, was it?

Doug Henwood wrote just a few months ago:

- PCP are crazy and violent
"Is there any relation between PCP, the drug that makes people crazy and
 violent, and PCP, the party whose supporters and members we have among =
- The PCP is isolated
" Just curious, master revolutionist - how many members of the London =
working class could you manage to convene in a single room?"
- The PCP are vulgar Marxists:
"So fuck you, vulgar Marxist."
- Egrerious (but not non-agregious?) assholes should be banned:
"When egregious assholes like these (Olaechea, Gina, and Quispe) cause =
trouble, we can vote to boot them."

It's perfectly all right, of course, to change one's mind. We all do.
The real question is what causes us to change our opinions.  Generally
speaking, it is whether we change our opinions out of opportunistic or
principled considerations.  Could you explain to us what made you change
your mind and take seriously "egregious asshole" Oleachea?  And what are
those disagreements between you?


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