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     Before repeating items from the Washington Post
obiturary of Pavel Sudoplatov from Sept. 27, 1996, let me
begin by apologizing to Louis P. and Adolfo to not talk
about this stuff unless Adolfo did.  Obviously Adolfo gets
a "free response" to this without a rejoinder from me, if
he wants it.
     Also I apologize to the "history is bunk" crowd on
the list.  Doug H., if you want, I'll estimate a
vectorautoregression for you of the relationship between
Peruvian generals sneezing the wiggles of the Dow Jones
Industrial Average.  Oooooops, I just remembered that you
don't believe in econometrics....., :-).
    Anyway, the following are from the obiturary:
1)  Sudoplatov was Beria's chief assistant.  He was
arrested with Beria in 1953 and remained in prison until
1969.  My interpretation of the timing of his release is
that it coincided with a period of partial reStalinization
after the Czechoslovak incursion.  No, Sudoplatov was no
fan of Nikita Khrushchev's.
2)  He denied the old charge that Stalin had Kirov
assassinated, although he allows that Stalin used it to
attack political opponents, especially "Trotskyites" [sic].
3)  Sudoplatov himself organized the assassination of
Trotsky under the direct orders of Stalin and Beria.  He
handpicked Ramon Mercader who was feted in Moscow after his
release for keeping his mouth shut.  Mercader used a
pickaxe to do it.
4)  Sudoplatov's memoir, published in 1994, created its
greatest controversy for its claims of Soviet
intelligence's access to Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi,
Niels Bohr, and Leo Szilard.  Sudoplatov oversaw the spying
on the Manhatten Project for Beria who was in charge of the
Soviet nuclear bomb effort.  A newer book I have read,
_Inside the Kremlin's Cold War_ by Zubov and Pleshankov,
claims that paranoia about Beria's control over the nuclear
program was a major factor in why his colleagues nailed him
when they did.
5)  Sudoplatov was "fully rehabilitated" in 1992 and will
be buried with full military honors in Moscow.
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