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Sun Sep 29 15:35:18 MDT 1996

>At 1:23 PM 9/29/96, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
>>c) It is common practice on both m1 and m2 to brand people you have
>>political disagreements with as "idiots" or worse.
>Not at all. I have lots of disagreements with Adolfo, but I read him and
>take him seriously. Ditto Vlad. Malecki is indisputably an idiot, as is
>Martens. You, Hugh, are a marginal case - obviously there's something
>between your ears, but you don't seem to use it often, other than to draw
>upon your catechistic inventory.

This sanctimonious outrage at being - rightly in this occassion - branded
the Jefferson Village Idiot, coming from a man with no compuction of
branding a proletarian leader as a "murderer", "criminal", "tyrant", etc.
and for pouring all sorts of base pro-imperialist slander and innuendos
against those who disagree with his silly and preposterous defense of the
class enemy, is rather rich!


PS;  The problem with these sanctimonious people is that they do not like at
all to be paid with the same currency they dole others at will.  Is it
simply a question of their arrogance?  Who knows!

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