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Sun Sep 29 19:29:15 MDT 1996

On 29 Sep 96, Jon Flanders <72763.2240 at> wrote:
>  I suspect Jay is not serious. If he was, I would be opposed, as I said
>before. Mickey Mouse I can handle.

I can assure you that I am deadly serious about my
proposal.  I see that Malecki is not happy with it.
Tough shit.  In his "Urgent Appeal" he writes:

>Protest against the *real* pro government activities on this
>list. Demand the expulsion of Proyect and Detcom for a campaign
>of lies and slanders and now pictures of a poor and working class
>guy who faces 25 years in prison upon returning to the United
>States for his activities against the Vietnam War.

This pig has got one hell of a nerve to accuse anyone else
of lies and slanders.  He is the embodiment of lies.  Everywhere
he goes he makes accusations of people being cops and agents.
Not too long ago he accused Adolfo and us of it.  He wrote on
this list and posted in newsgroups all over the world:

Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 05:29:52 GMT
malecki at (Robert Malecki) wrote:

>The publishing of pictures of his polical opponents by the Aldolfo O.
>gang of the world mobilisation committee (WMC) who claim to support
>the Peruvian revolution is another *real* cop provacation! I think
>that everyone on this list should roundly condemn this criminal
>activitity. And believe this is not going to stop here!

>Aldolfo where ever i find you on the net, i intend to openly accuse
>you and your friends as openly giving pictures of yor political
>opponents to the Fujimora regime. In *actions* you have proved
>yourself self as a man who sells people to facist tryanny.

>I am posting this all over the net.

>Robert Malecki

And he wrote this and did this knowing full well that it wasn't
true.  He did this maliciously and consciously, with sinister
intent thinking he was going to ruin and discredit the support work
for the Peruvian Revolution.  At the time he was feverishly
blocking and working with the snitch Quispe in this task.

I am supposed to have sympathy for this roach who has taken
every opportunity to attack and revile the proletarian
revolution?  Sympathy for this "poor working class guy"
who faces prison in the U.S.?  Did he show any sympathy
for Chairman Gonzalo, the leader of the revolution in Peru
who has been in solitary confinement for almost 4 years now?
This coward Malecki attacked him on this list and accused
him of being a traitor to the revolution, and he did this
with no evidence.

And I didn't like the way he spit on the Martyrs of the
hunger strike in Turkey either.  And his "tribute" to
Lisa Rogers was meant to be openly and intentionally
disrespectful and offensive.  And there are countless
examples of his defecating on precious peoples and events
like these.

To hell with this chump.  I don't believe his story.
I don't think he is in any danger of imprisonment here at
all.  He doesn't come back because there are no doubt
multitudes here who would kick his ass royally if they
had the opportunity.

Jay Miles / Detroit

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