Let's go back to ignoring Malecki and Rolf

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Sep 29 21:54:14 MDT 1996

At 9:50 PM 9/29/96, Carrol Cox wrote:

>    For the remaining days of marxism (M1) let's all try to simply
>pretend that Rolf and Malecki don't exist. If you can brush aside
>these mites, there has been some pretty good stuff from a number
>of people. If Malecki is a provacateur, which he may well be, others
>on the list are sure letting themselves be provoked. And it gets
>more difficult to delete the the fruitless replies than it does
>the original provocations.

Excellent idea.

Who are Rolf and Malecki again?



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