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>Hello everyone.
>I am new here, so bear with me.
>Re: The Malecki and Proyect et al wars
>It is a shame that 'marxists' have to resort to this kind of behaviour. The
>reason I use quotes around the word is because I find it really difficult
>believe some of you actually are.
>I mean, I hate stalinists, but not to the extent of slandering them, or
>threatening them with exposure in the interests of the state. or creating a
>witchunt, or questioning their past activities where there is sufficient
>evidence to show me that they are not lying, or physically attacking them
>(unless they attacked me)
>I have worked with stalinists in the past , defending job-losses and
>strikes, doing solidarity work, etc. as I recognise that , where I am from,
>Labour movement was more receptive of them than they were Trotskyists. It
>be foolish of me to ignore them, after all we all remember the third
>dont we?(do we???)
>I really dislike stalinist politics, but , I think to myself, who *is* the
>enemy? Is it them (like Mr Shachtman thought) or is it the bosses and
>I also think: when I see one, what shall I do? Shall I spit on them, shall
>call the police? Shall I march seperatly from them, but strike together?
>(although the stalinist would not strike with me)
>Get the analogy?
>Malecki, although a orthodox trot, does not really deserve the witchunt or
>virulent slander he is being subjected to. I mean , whose idea was it that
>he list the dates and places when he was arrested? No marxist would go that
>low, would they?  At least none that I know of.
>And all this stuff about photos. Really, people.
>Oh but I forgot Malecki is the class enemy?? silly me!
>I think he is more the enemy of 'acadmeic bullshit' to be honest, and that
>is why people like Proyect fear him so. In objective class terms he IS
>proyects enemy.
>I must make it clear that I do not support Malecki's politcs, before people
>label me as a 'spart', or whatever.
>I am just a lowly *principled* socialist, who beleives this 'war' against
>Malecki has been initiated by the right-wing. My evidence is the lowly
>tactics employed by so-called marxists. They do a dishonour the marxism as
>a theory of practical activity and emancipation, words which they have
>difficulty of understanding.
>Take your discussion  out on the streets 'comrades', and employ your
>witchunting campaign against the fascist filth and the capitalist bosses,
>and then we might  sort out the 'good' from the 'bad' of us.
>I just hope  that one-day that I might have a story to tell as remarkable
>as Maleckis. I would prefer that than a story which said that I helped to
>personally destroy a marxist on the internet, despite how flawed I thought
>his politics were.

Here we have and honest person who admits that he does not agree with
Malecki the Trotskyist but sees the yellow journalism and slander that has
been going on here lately. This is the best answer that Plant the unity
moderater and liquidator of Trotskyism could get.

Not a Trotskyist but a socialist with principles has taken you down Plant.
His few words show that your tactics of banning,exclusion and expulsions and
joining with the yellow journalist Proyect in the campaign of hate
Trotskyists hate the working class is and will backfire on you.

By taking the step into the camp of yellow journalism and slander Plant the
best socialists and communists are going to see through your "unity"
mongering. Because the only unity so far that the "Unity" list has shown is
a united front of bans,exclusions and expulsions of those who will fight for
a principled Trotskyist line.
And now the unity list has also taken a futher step in digging their own
grave. Plant the moderater by joining hands with Proyect the yellow
journalist is going to lead to your going over the cliff with Proyect.

Proyect has 7 days left to get the proof Plant. Perhaps the "unity" list
should chip in for his plane fare to Cleveland or even better Plant can go
along with Louis.

Because next Sunday when the two weeks are up Proyect will have exposed
himself to the entire Jefferson Village for the lying and slanderous yellow
journalist that he is. And you Plant will be exposed for supporting him in
the middle of this campaign of lies and slander by opening your arms wide
open to the likes of Proyect while you continue to bureacratically
ban,exclude and expell Trotskyists from the "Unity" list.

Bob Malecki

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