Let's go back to ignoring Malecki and Rolf

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Mon Sep 30 00:43:40 MDT 1996

>At 9:50 PM 9/29/96, Carrol Cox wrote:
>>    For the remaining days of marxism (M1) let's all try to simply
>>pretend that Rolf and Malecki don't exist. If you can brush aside
>>these mites, there has been some pretty good stuff from a number
>>of people. If Malecki is a provacateur, which he may well be, others
>>on the list are sure letting themselves be provoked. And it gets
>>more difficult to delete the the fruitless replies than it does
>>the original provocations.
>Excellent idea.
>Who are Rolf and Malecki again?
>Doug Henwood
>Left Business Observer

Doug the M1 liberal and pusher of that left rag he is always advertising in
his signature has never actually said one independent thought on this list
for quite a long time now. Perhaps never! He is constantly giving us two
liners or a pargraph of a cheerleader of something. Usually the two liners
are hate Malecki or Rolf as in the above example.

But his whole existence on the list proves what marxists have always said about
the liberals. They twist and turn and when it finally comes down to which
side of the barricades one should be the liberal always winds up on the side
of the class enemy of the proletariat.

The political expression of Doug's intervention on M1 can be expressed in
his cheerleading support of the Menshevk neo-Stalinist Proyect and his new
found love for Aldolfo the hard line Stalinismo of M1.

That Doug sides with the politics of the two above actually gives me
strength. Because if Doug actually came out on the side of the Trotskyists
who's program represents the independent struggle of the Proletariat
everywhere then i would be worried that we were doing something wrong!

Aldolfo you can have Doug. It is the expression of your bankrupt politics of
making the deal! You deserve each other...

Bob Malecki

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