Let's go back to ignoring Malecki and Rolf

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Mon Sep 30 00:43:38 MDT 1996

>    For the remaining days of marxism (M1) let's all try to simply
>pretend that Rolf and Malecki don't exist. If you can brush aside
>these mites, there has been some pretty good stuff from a number
>of people. If Malecki is a provacateur, which he may well be, others
>on the list are sure letting themselves be provoked. And it gets
>more difficult to delete the the fruitless replies than it does
>the original provocations.
>    Carrol
If Carrol did not once an awhile write the above he would not exist on the
list! This is the only thing that he says. Why not write something political
carrol, for example, about the American CP or something.

Perhaps then i would take you seriously.

Bob Malecki

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