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Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon Sep 30 01:31:36 MDT 1996

>Welcome to the marxism-intro mailing list!
>The list marxism-intro is a pseudonym list, which means that before you
>can post to it you will first have to establish a pseudonym for the address
>you are posting from.  To do so, send a message from this address
>    majordomo at
>In the body of the message, say
>    addpseud marxism-intro PSEUDONYM subaddress=malecki at
>where PSEUDONYM is the desired pseudonym.  The address specified as
>"subaddress" is the exact address under which you're subscribed to the list,
>and to which this message is being sent.  Please make note of it.
>PSEUDONYM should consist only of letters, numbers, and the symbols
>"_" (underscore), "-" (dash), "+" (plus) , and "." (period).
>For help with other commands for pseudonym lists, send to the above
>majordomo address the command
>    pseudhelp
>If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list,
>you can send mail to majordomo at
>with the following command
>in the body of your email message:
>    unsubscribe marxism-intro
>Or, if you're sending the unsubscribe command from an address different
>than the one under which you're subscribed, the unsubscribe command
>should have the form:
>    unsubscribe marxism-intro malecki at
>Here's the general information for the list you've
>subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:
>This is the charter of the marxism-intro email list.
>marxism-intro is brought to you by the Spoon Collective, a group
>of Net citizens providing volunteer technical support for mailing
>lists in philosophy, arts, and politics, which allow new opportunities
>for creative discussion.
>By subbing to this list, you will also receive ANNOUNCEMENTS deemed
>by Spoon to be of general interest to Spoon lists from time to time.
>The mailing list marxism-intro gives everybody who wants to know more
>about Marxism the opportunity to discuss with Marxists in a protected
>environment.  In your contributions to the list, your email address
>will not be revealed to the other list members.  Instead, you will be
>identified by a pseudonym which you have to select before sending your
>first contribution.  The software for this is brand new and there may
>be some glitches at the beginning, therefore we cannot guarantee that
>your identity will be protected under all circumstances.  But we will
>It is hoped that you will experience marxism-intro as a friendly and
>stimulating environment.  The moderators of this list may from time to
>time approach the list members privately or the list as a whole with
>suggestions how to better achieve this goal.  Behavior which is
>disruptive of the list purpose may result in exclusion of individual
>list members.
>No single person or small group is allowed to dominate this list.  We
>will not limit the number of postings, recognizing that a rapid
>give-and-take is sometimes called for.  But repetitious monologues and
>other attempts to impose a point of view without real discussion are
>forbidden.  Also please be judicious with cross-postings.  Offenders
>will be warned twice privately, then once publicly, and then they will
>be suspended.  Two weeks after suspension they may apply for
>readmission if they agree to abide by the rules.
>At the present time, the moderating team consists of two permanent
>moderators and a number of temporary co-moderators who feel "on call"
>to make thoughtful interventions if these seem necessary. The
>permanent moderators are
>Hans Ehrbar <ehrbar at> and
>Robert Malecki <malecki at>.
>Hans is also the liaison to the Spoon Collective, therefore he is the
>only list member who has access to everybody's real email addresses.
>In the initial period, the rotating co-moderators are
>Richard Bos <Richard.Bos at>,
>Tony Hartin <thartin at>,
>Ian Hunt <Ian.Hunt at>, and
>Hugh Rodwell <m-14970 at>.

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