A Need for a home

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Mon Sep 30 03:16:55 MDT 1996

Louis G (what a refreshing contrast to Louis P!) has some nice thoughts
about the evils of homelessness and of home or work environments that fail
to nurture our relationship to nature and our aesthetic sense.

He continues:

>Deprived of the kind of enriching,
>diversified and enlivening surroundings our minds respond to,   we limp
>along,  stranded in an almost prehuman situation.

I disagree entirely with his use of the word *prehuman*. Since I think
historically, I can only imagine that a prehuman situation is one much more
dependent on nature and thus in tune with environmentally adaptive
instincts than the situation he is describing. It's not a quibble to say
*subhuman* or *antihuman* instead.

I mean, the very graphic example he gives of "public schoolrooms 20 feet
away from rumbling,  screeching elevated trains", is hardly *pre*human.

No, human beings built the shock-horror environment that engulfs us today,
for the sake of capitalist profits, and we must build a really human
counter-environment on the basis of the overthrow of capitalism and the
establishment of socialism.

>If home is a safe spot that offers security and contentment,  a place
>that restores and sustains us,  where we can be both grounded and
>rooted, then far too many people who seem to be adequately sheltered
>are, in a more basic sense, homeless.

You have just put your finger on one of the main sources of human misery in
our society, Louis.

>I wonder sometimes if,  amid the din, sweat and tears of building a
>future socialist society,  we will pause to recognize that an inviting,
>stimulating and supportive setting--at home or work--is a basic public
>health requirement,  a prerequisite for a developed human life.

Of course, but fortunately it's not a *precondition* for working for
socialism or building socialism. The human stimulation of comrades thinking
and working along the same lines is *much* more important than the physical
surroundings in which it's done. Otherwise we'd never escape!

It's almost the same situation as the media environment. With the "news"
and "entertainment" that's force-fed us non-stop, we'd be done for if we
weren't capable of building our own strongholds of revolutionary



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