Another red herring on Palme

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     When I was in Stockholm two years ago, I was told by
an attorney who defends political refugees against
deportation that a leading theory of the assassination of
Olof Palme was that he was done in by Lyndon LaRouche

Barkley Rosser
On Sat, 28 Sep 1996 16:19:24 +0200 (MET DST) Rolf Martens
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> >>There have been some comments on this list on
> >>"South Africa and the murder of Palme", because
> >>of another of these press stories on that murder.
> >>
> >>Swedish prime minister Olof Palme was murdered,
> >>in Stockholm on 28.02.1986, by the GRU, Soviet
> >>social-imperialist military intelligence, who
> >>wanted to counteract Gorbachev's "West cooperation
> >>and green" general plan and force him into the old
> >>stance of tryig instead to conquer Western Europe.
> >
> >Rolf your are sounding like the Eoropean Workers Party again! Even Maoism
> >would be a step to the left of this garbage.
> >
> >Bob Malecki
> Well, Bob, the thing is, even the "EWP", in reality more of an
> "American Bourgeois Party" on some questions is better than you
> Trotskyites and other revisionists, who in reality are adherents
> of some very reactionary bourgeois theories and, not least, are
> prone to lick the asses of the superpowers (both the dominating
> one and also the partially-beaten one today). And what do you call
> "Maoism"? The line of Mao Zedong, which I represent, and which
> not least pointed out and points out the social-imperialist and
> aggressive character of that Soviet Union which existed in 1986?
> Or something else?
> It's a good thing at least that you personally are against the
> suppression of criticism against reactionaries. And how can some
> people say that you're "destroying" lists - don't their computers
> have delete tangents on them? But your ideology as a whole is
> hopelessly bourgeois. On the real situation in and around Sweden,
> in 1986, 1976 or 1996, you know very little. And you don't understand
> the main features of it at all.
> Rolf M.
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