Volume controls?

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Mon Sep 30 14:56:52 MDT 1996

Aren't we just about all ready for volume limits now?

Having visited Malecki's web site I am baffled by
the inappropriateness and muddling up of so many things.
While in general I am in favour of trying to address
people's arguments at their best and not rewarding
provocative or poor quality posts with attention, we
simply have not time to be that "comradely" even if
we wanted to.

If the "Alternative Static" linked page is also
Robert's work, I just do not think this is marxist.
IMO however there is more method in Hans's madness than some
might think, in accepting that like a number of others,
Robert has volunteered to be a tutor on marxism intro.
Having had the pleasure of participating in one of Hans's
Capital reading classes, I would say that such a discussion
forum with all sorts of questions being fired by people
new to marxism, really sorts out who knows something about
the theory and can apply it and who does not. Differences
between the moderators were some of the most instructive
things for making you think hard.

But we have got to do something about this list.
I am probably the last person Jay would listen if
I wanted to persuade him that hard not to post Robert's
photo everywhere but I think Robert really needs to know
how angry people are with him and how much restraint they
have shown. Like Richard, and I think quite a few others
I have tried to engage him in reasonable conversation over
the months, but self moderation does not seem to occur.

But if people really want retaliation, return mailbombing
I thought was more common. I don't think it is wise to
attract too much attention all over the net to our internal
difficulties if we can't police ourselves.

I don't agree with the idea that Robert suffers from
schizophrenia. and don't like the suggestion that anyone
could make a diagnosis over the internet. But what comes
over to me from visiting his web site is a solipsism
so intense that it is impenetrible, and the internet seems
to reinforce it so he never has to address the fact that
he is not communicating.

So haven't we got to do something anyway *now*. Is there
much to be lost by trying out volume controls straightaway,
in testing the ideas for the new lists?


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