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Wed Aug 27 19:31:49 MDT 1997

Robert Malecki quotes me:
> >The political character of the new party may be fluid, and as long as it is,
> >revolutionaries should fight to determine that character favourably.
> >Revolutionaries should fight to get in, and against expulsions.
> >Organise factionally within the new party and link our politics with
> >the struggle for a mass  revolutionary party.

and replies:
> Why is it that entrism is the only tactic you appear to uphold!...
> At this point it appears
> to me that conditions are favorable for a split and the building of new
> parties outside of the Social Democracy..

In my original posting I was drawing upon the British experience to
comment upon the US. If anyone wants to argue that the two are not
analogous then I will listen. Robert isn't saying that, rather he
seems to accept theparallel I draw, so I will contue by reference
directly to the SLP in Britain.

In the past, Trotskyist entrist work has been characterised by
political secrecy, lack of open theoretical struggle and often
liquidation into the social democratic party; ala Militant and the
IMG. This is not the project that we are engaged upon. The open
struggle of revolutionaries within the new formations of the class is
being conducted with the perpective of proving a political point to
the advanced workers who are engaged therein. Precicely that the last
thing the working class needs is a Labour Party mark II, that the
communist party we do need is to be faught for through open
ideological struggle resulting in the unity in action of
revolutionaries from disparate backgrounds.

As Robert says, this struggle may be conducted through several
tactical approaches. What makes this tactic appropriate at this time
is the way that Scargill's initiative has raised the 'party' question
among a section of the working class willing to split to the left
>from Labour. The party question is the cornerstone of the process of
reforging the Communist Party of Great Britain. It is the fight over nature of
the party we need which is being faught out in the SLP by

Robert continues
> The rightists in Social democracy today are openly pro capitalist
> politicians. It is the left wing that is the reformist wing and has to be
> exposed...  I think that those who are doing and entry
> operation are basically trying to mobilise their forces around the reformist
> opposition to the openly pro-capitalist leadership of the Social Democracy.

Not so Robert, I am happy to put you right on this question. The
right of the SLP already have broken organisationally from Labour.
They are the very " reformist  opposition to the openly
pro-capitalist leadership" to which you refer. We counterpose
revolution to reform.

The organisational gains, faction and programme,  are represented in
the Revolutionary Platform documents you will already have seen M1.
Not a Communist Party, but a step towards one.

Finally Robert asks:
> PS: What does the below mean?

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