The IRA and Peace

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El  1 Aug 99 a las 17:56, Krishna Lalbiharie nos dice(n):

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> >Sunday, 1 August 1999
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> >             Military Strongmen Just Fading Away
> >             -----------------------------------
> >
> >     By Andrew Reding
> >
> >SANIBEL, Florida -- For the first time since the Spanish
> >conquest, the military is losing its privileged status
> >across much of Latin America.

Yessir, this is a lesson!

The only extant centralized institution in Latin America,
one of the few that might oppose some power against the
almighty imperialist offensive, is ceasing to exist. And,
of course, this is celebrated and duly covered up with
human rights and corruption chatter. There has never been
such a wave of imperialist domination in Latin America. The
Menems, the Freis, the Cardozos, are the Yeltsins and the
Quislings of our countries. That is why they at the same
time call for oblivion of the crimes committed by the Armed
Forces under oligarchic command, and why they extract the
conclusion, so beloved by current American policy, that
Armed Forces are to be reduced to zero.

A lesson for all those abstract leftists who suppose any
kind of state, everywhere and at any historic moment, is
the enemy of the workers and the transmission belt of
imperialism. A bitter, bloody, vomitive and definitive
lesson on pro-imperialist anti-militarism in Latin America!

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