Republican Movement and GFA

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Aug 1 22:07:05 MDT 1999

This was a very thoughtful and well-argued piece, Phillip.  But I just do
not see the British leaving Ireland. The way out has always been through
the door as Confucius said.  It just seems to me that they cannot stabilize
Ireland long enough to pull out.  As well they won't do a de Gaulle and
abandon the Unionists as the French settlers were abandoned in Algeria.

In any case we are in broad agreement about the current political
situation. I am though, as I think you are, very unwilling to stoop to
simple condemnation of the IRA and Sinn Fein, including Adams. I recognize
the sacrifices that have been made.

Still we shall see how things evolve over the winter.  The current fuss
about gun smuggling and the punishment killing is placing a lot of strain
on the Adams camp.  They have not actually achieved anything and their grip
on the organizations must be weakening somewhat.



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