Marx, Engels and Lenin and the party question (was Re: To Juan (PS))

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sun Aug 1 23:31:48 MDT 1999

"Jose G. Perez" wrote:

> This would have been the real test for the Comintern: if they had been able
> to hold back the American hotheads and super-revolutionary foreign language
> federations from cutting themselves off from the mass of native-born and
> west-European origin workers, and from the radicalized small farmers who
> were being driven to the wall in successive layers during this whole
> historic period, then  it might have been said that the general staff in the
> Kremlin was worth something. But the truth is the Comintern encouraged the
> U.S. split.

The U.S. working class had *always* been fatally split by white racism.
It was impossible to split it any further than it already was. A U.S.
working class that does not make anti-racism the cutting edge of its
struggles is a class unfit for any revolutionary task. The CPUSA,
prodded by the Comintern, first made race a significant issue for
the U.S. left.


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