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Sun Aug 1 19:51:58 MDT 1999

Hi Uhlas,

No suggestion that you were a supporter of Mahathir! Sorry if I gave that
impression.  Actually under the influence of the mass media I was
developing a syumpathy for him until I met the person alluded to in my
post.  Yes indeed it is a shame we do not have a representative from
Malaysia on the list.

I am trying to gear myself up to post an update from Australia but
everything is so depressing here that I cannot get myself to do it.

warm regards


At 22:15 31/07/99 +0530, you wrote:
>Dear Gary,
>I am not a supporter of Mahathir. Allow me to clarify my views on the
>kindred subjects:
>The task of understanding Indian economy and society is itself too daunting
>for me.
>This is enough to keep one occupied for rest of one's life. Consequently,I
>am reluctant to
>take positions on social formations, whose structure and dynamic I do not
>understand. If
>I am asked about certain aspects of Indian society, I can provide some
>tentative (and provisional)
>answers. I am not taking any positions on Malaysians affairs. I wish there
>were some Malaysians
>on this List who could speak for themselves. In the meanwhile, I have posted
>some material
>from time to time on various subjects, which material should be considered
>As Sartre puts it in his last (controversial and contested) interview:
>'I assumed that evolution through action would be a series of failures from
>which something
>unforeseen and positive would emerge, something implicit in the failure
>unbeknownst to
>those who had wanted to succeed. And these are partial and local succcesses,
>hard to
>decipher by people who did the work and who, moving from failure to failure,
>would achieve
>progress. This is how I have always understood history.'
>(Hope Now,The 1980 Interviews, The University of Chicago Press, p.66)
>Need I add that I don't have to agree with everything Sartre said or wrote?
>Warm regards,
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>> Uhlas,
>> I have just had an incredible seesion with someone close to Anwar.  I
>> mention any details.  But he/she argued that western Leftists should
>> support Anwar; that Anwar was the true nationalist and that Mathahir was a
>> fake oppositionist to the West.
>> I mentioned the globalists support for Anwar and he/she argued that Anwar
>> played the global card against Mathahir because there was no other
>> card to play in a country where the Left had been slaughtered in the war
>> independence.
>> regards
>> Gary

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