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For my sins I actually know the leader of this group. Many years ago when
I was in the league for a Workers Republic it had a relationship with the
predeccessor of this group then known as Workers Fight., then in the
International Socialists now the SWP (UK). Matgamna has had a long
relationship with Ireland and was in the Irish Workers Group. His line on
Ireland and Palestine is simply awful. He has revived the Max Schactman
tradition and republished many writings of Max and his associates.His
journal is very interesting and it does hold real debates on many issues.
Frankly I think it and the journals associated with Paul Flewres as some
of the few that really make me do any thinking
Jim Monaghan


Action for Solidarity, the bi-weekly newspaper sold by members of the
Alliance for Workers' Liberty in Britain, has a new, re-designed web site.

The Action site carries many of the articles from the latest issue,

* Translations from Lutte Ouvriere and other papers of the French left
analysing the recent Euro-electoral success of the united left slate
* Domestic comment: Blair's war on teachers; New Labour's record on Health;
news from the workplace
* Eric Lee's regular comment: the workers' web news
* Sean Matgamna on the stalled Irish 'peace process'

The site also provides news and analysis on the current situation in Iran.

British socialists can order Action by post. One year subs (22 issues) are:
£10 (waged) and £6 (students and unwaged), from PO Box 28214, London SE6
4WS. Cheques to 'Action'.

Look at the new Action website:

<office at>
Workers' Liberty, PO Box 823, London SE15 4NA
Phone +44 171 207 3997/0706/4774
Fax +44 171 277 8462

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