Incidental incuiry-Freemasonry

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Mon Aug 2 07:37:51 MDT 1999

One of Trotskys lost writings was a study of free masonery. One of his
french supporters Fred Zeller ended up as the leader of the free masons.
The French Free Masons commemorate the Commune.The Masons in Ireland and
Britain are on the conservative end of things. I think a royal leads them.
A Chilean Trotskyist told me that they were still a factor in Chile. I
recall a Mexico priest at school (35 years ago) who thought the masons
worse than the Communists. (His words).  The Catholic Church bans
membership of the masons.

I sometimes think that the rituals of many of the marxist sects are
reminiscent of Masonery.
Jim Monaghan

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