For Anwar against Mahathir? was Re: Mahathir slams western media

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Mon Aug 2 07:22:13 MDT 1999

My own opinion on this is that any opening that allows for the formation
of independent workers formations (Trade Unions, parties etc) is to be
welcomed. I think that the rights of the bourgeois revolution are taken
for granted in the co-called West.
Both these Bourgeois figures will play with any kind of demagougery to
get/retain power. Will their fight allow some sopace for the workers
movement to revive. In Indonesia the partial paralysis of the ruling class
has allowed the workingclass to revive.
What is the old saying "when thieves fall out good men ( should be
persons) come into their own.

As Johnston once remarked patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel. As
far as the Bourgeoisie is concerned this is only too true. Offered a
choice between a genuine stand against Imperilaism they will betray.
Jim Monaghan

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