Re(2): What the is going on in Venezuela?

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Mon Aug 2 07:10:34 MDT 1999

I would regard Chavez as similar to Cardenas or the early DeValera period
in Ireland. He is defying Imperialism and is in practice opening a path
for the workes movement. Any extension od democracy that allows the
formation of class struggle workers formations is to be welcomed. I would
think that it is important that these formations retain their independence
vis a vis Chavez. But more importantly at this stage they break the
tweddledum/dee stranglehold of the main bourgeois parties.

Imagine the effect in the USA if say a Jesse Jackson stood as an
independent canidate opposed to both the democrats and the
republicans.Through this fissure independent formations of the
workingclass and oppressed nationalities would escape the trap of
so-called "practical" politics which leads to lesser evilism.

Ther are different Bonapartes. Peron mark one was different to Peron mark
two. Trotsky would have critically supported Cardenas vis a vis AmericaN

In order for Chavez stated aims to succeed and not collapse it has to go
beyond  any limits and take up Socialist demands. Reforms that stop will
be reversed and the fate of say the Bolivian revolution will come to pass.
Here the gains of the 1952 revolution were in time reversed.
Jim Monaghan

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