Jim Blaut on Euro Marxism

TAHIR WOOD TWOOD at SPAMadfin.uwc.ac.za
Tue Aug 3 01:23:39 MDT 1999

 I have been thinking for YEARS that this notion
of "slave society" as an independent "stage" of development
feudalism is insupportable on the basis of the evidence.
Now, JUST because
he actually wrote down his thoughts, codified them, included
citations to
the literature, and published them, instead of musing about
them as I have,
HE has priority of publication.  Is this fair, I ask you :-(

Louis Paulsen

Not if he's claiming it as all his own idea, which I'm sure
he's not. For one thing Samir Amin critiqued this historical
schema and put forward an alternative one more than ten
years ago. It's actually a very eighties sort of debate.


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