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<<You predict that the net result of a change to a voucher system will be

*****  April 17, 1998

Study spurs doubts about school-voucher programs


Jewish Telegraphic Agency

WASHINGTON -- A study of one of the nation's few school voucher programs
has found that students who
receive tuition subsidies to attend private schools are not doing any
better than students in public schools.

The findings drew a predictably mixed reaction in the Jewish community,
which remains divided over school
voucher initiatives, also known as "school choice."

Despite words of caution from the researchers themselves, the study is
likely to further fuel the national debate
over vouchers, which congressional Republicans have set at the top of their
education agenda.

The study, commissioned by the state of Ohio, examined Cleveland's
2-year-old pilot program, which gives
3,000 students from low-income families up to $2,250 to attend private or
parochial schools of their choice.

Researchers found "no significant differences" in achievement in reading,
math, social studies or science skills
between students using vouchers and a comparable sampling of students from
Cleveland's public schools.

While cautioning against reading too much into a single study, Marc Stern,
co-director of the American Jewish
Congress' legal department, said, "It shows that vouchers are not the magic
bullet that people make them out
to be."...

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