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James M. Blaut 70671.2032 at
Tue Aug 3 20:54:43 MDT 1999

Ulhas: "The entire debate has been polarised between 'Euro-Marxism' and
'Third Worldism'. Are these the only possible frameworks for debating the
nature of contemporary world economy?"

The term "Third Worldism" is a curse word, coined and used by Eurocentric
Marxists, and academic pseudo-Marxists, and soon-to-become-ex-Marxists, to
describe those who take the underdeveloped, excolonial world as seriuously
as the European world, past and present. "Euro-Marxists," in my opinion,
are people who retain the prejudices of European society, which they share
with non-Marxists, against non-Europeans, or, at best, retain the IGNORANCE
of European society toward non-European societies, past and present. There
is no antinomy here, and nothing worth debating.

Jim B

P. S. Don't forget neocolonialism. And don't forget countries like Puerto
Rico which are still old-fashioned, indirect-rule, colonies (Lord Lugard
would be proud).

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