Text of Khrushchev's speech?? (false version)

Xxxzx Xyyxyz musides at SPAMadelaide.on.net
Wed Aug 4 06:24:49 MDT 1999

>But none of these is complete, and in any case I would still like to know
>more about the CIA's role - if they fiddled with the text, then assuredly
>their contributions are in the 1956 texts, including the Columbia/Mills

  I can't give you the answer, but the National Security Archive
should be able to tell you if such information exists:
nsarchiv at gwu.edu

  Also you can try asking the folks at Parascope.com: Jon Elliston,
Dossier Editor, pscpdocs at aol.com

  (Btw, if anyone is not aware of this site, it is worth spending some
time searching (the Dossier library), don't let the hype get you
down, it has some excellent information http://www.parascope.com/)

  If there is a false version of the Khrushchev speech, these folks
will know about it.


  Xxxzx Xyyxyz

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