Text of Khrushchev's speech??

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>I will try myself, if that's alright.

  Yes, thanks. The more ideas that come in the stronger the site can be built.

> In fact it is simple: I don't want to force any sterile
>sectarianism down anyone's throat- and if they identify as "marxist"
>that is all I need. I myself have no objection to even De Leon, I
>just hope the reader doesn't fly off their senses to lock up with
>the SLP. I digress by saying that all those who identify as Marxist
>tried (as best or worst that they did) to promote ideas through
>Marxism. I don't like Kruschchev, but even he deserves to be on this
>list of Marxists. As a list, not a party, the job is to dissiminate,
>not decifer.

  Taking the stand that Stalinsim is not Marxist is not "sterile
sectarianism" so long as Stalinism is not Marxist. This is the issue
that must be debated.

  A Marxist cannot execute other Marxists. Moreover, a Marxist cannot
execute members of the working class or people aligned with the
working class. Doing such a thing is in direct opposition to the name

  Stalin, I admire for his achievements in the Soviet Union. Stalin,
makes my stomach fucking sick because of the Marxists, the workers',
the soldiers', he executed. When "counter-revolutionary" is applied
to the bold men and women of the October Revolution who fought
through the ranks of White soldiers from France, England, the United
States, and Japan; when such a label is assigned to the
revolutionaries who built the R.S.F.S.R. and U.S.S.R. when famine and
disease were spreading like wildfire, I sure as hell would be proud
to count myself among the "counter-revolutionaries". These are the
people who created the first proletarian government in the history of
the world, under the most tremendous weight of foreign aggression and
naivete heavily on their shoulders. In face of the ceaseless
difficulties they encountered, they pushed forward.

  Of these people who accomplished so much, who dedicated their lives
to building the proletarian revolution, how many of them were

  This said, I am open to learning, only I want to make it clear that
saying something about Stalinism necessarily means explaining with
crisp detail exactly how all these executions and trials fit into
Marxism. I am biased -- I have tremendous respect for the Bolsheviks
who built the first Socialist Revolution -- but I am willing to

  The primary importance is to keep the hell away from sectarianism,
Marxists against Marxists is sheer idiocy, pretenses or certain paths
to correct Marxism is moronic and is becoming more obsolete everyday.

  If you can make a case that Stalinism is Marxist, please do so.

  The MIA board has its problems, but above all simple hypocracy it
cannot stand strong against. If you can show with clear reason that
Stalinism is Marxist, and if enough people support this with you, the
MIA board will be forced to capitulate, for their present position is
that Stalinism is wholly undemocratic and repressive (etc, etc), and
in not responding to a large body of reasoned protest, the MIA board
would become its own enemy.

>where is Mao's "let a hundred flowers blossom, let a hundred schools
>of thought contend" from >the fifties?

  We do things as we are able to. The last person to transcribe Mao
stopped at the first Volume of Selected Works, as you can see.

  When someone transcribes the document you are looking for, I will
definately put it up. In fact, several days ago someone wrote me
requesting to direct the Mao archive. Unfortunately, he has not
responded since.

  These works, you will rightly respond, are already on the Internet,
on the Marx 2 Mao site. I have written David Romagnolo several times
asking him if we could mirror the works, all with the same answer:
'NO'. On my part, this was before and after we created the Reference
Archive. When marxists.org was built last year, Alf asked him if we
could mirror his texts; again we met with the same firm reply: NO.

  I'm sorry too, we don't have it.

>PS: Where oh where are the Fidel speeches?

  When I ever get time away from the Marx/Engels Archive and the Lenin
Archive, I hope to make these available. In the mean time you can get
them, in abundance, in the famous LANIC Castro speech database:


>pps: I really do quite like the site.

  I'm glad to hear it. Thanks.


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