[AFIB] The 'New Right', Neofascism And Globalization (fwd)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Wed Aug 4 19:01:33 MDT 1999

>     The North American Indians are high on Veldmans list of
>cuddly peoples. In his long article "Indian nationalism, the
>hatchet is not yet buried!", he sketches the destruction of the
>"culture and identity" of the "original peoples" of America.


>     In the reader we made for the seminar, we published the
>article "Development as colonialism", written by Edward
>Goldsmith, the editor-in-chief and owner of The Ecologist. A few
>months later we discovered that Edward Goldsmith is a regular
>guest at international meetings of the New Right, the
>intellectual elite of the neo-Nazi movement. In 1997 the complete
>editorial team of The Ecologist left the magazine because of a
>political conflict with Edward Goldsmith over ethnicity and
>gender issues, and because Goldsmith was unwilling to end his
>collaboration with the New Right.

Look, is it any surprise that the far right is demagogically using
indigenous and green struggles to advance its cause? A Blackfoot Indian
militant in Canada recently spoke at a Reform Party gathering. There is
enormous moral "capital" associated with defending people who suffered
genocide or calling attention to the dangers of ecological catastrophe.
When a far right group can use these kinds of associations as camouflage,
it is urgent to expose them as this article does.

On the other hand, we are also dealing with a serious lack on the part of
Marxism to come to terms with indigenous and environmental struggles.
Welch's own sect, the CPGB, printed an article soon after LM aired its
infamous Channel 4 documentary "Against Nature" that failed to come to
grips with the pro-corporate tilt of the tv show. The answer to Veldman and
Goldsmith is not "brown Marxism" but a class struggle orientation to
indigenous and ecological struggles.

Louis Proyect

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