Text of Khrushchev's speech??

Xxxzx Xyyxyz musides at SPAMadelaide.on.net
Wed Aug 4 17:32:00 MDT 1999

Hi Lou,

Mark is refering to the Soviet History archive that I direct. It does
not have the speech, but if anyone can send me a copy of it, I will
be happy to mark it up and find an impromptu place to put it (the
Soviet History archive only covers 1917-1918 hitherto).

  On your latter comments. No one person decided this, instead the
directors and volunteers to MIA voted on this. On Stalin, Dimitrov
and Mao, one answer is that we have lots of Trotskysts. I am not, but
with part of this decision I did agree, not with Mao, but with Stalin.

  Making the decisions of who goes where is not easy. Not one of us at
marxists.org are professors/academics. We simply have the time and
dedication to make these works available freely and easily. The
decisions we make are based on majority rule and reader responses;
our choices are not fixed.

  If you could elaborate more it would be helpful when this matter can
be brought up again. Can you explain the objections to Draper,
Morris, and Pannekoek, and then to Mao, Stalin, and Dimitrov?


> >Perhaps Xxxzx Xyyxyz has it on his site, he seems to have practically
> >everything.
> >
> >Mark Jones
> >
>That's the Marxists' Internet Archive at www.marxists.org ?  It isn't there.
>There is no Khrushchev section.  Xxxzx, do you have any responsibility for
>the organization of that site?  If not, the following sentences are not
>directed against you.  If so, HOW IS IT that Hal Draper, William Morris, and
>Pannekoek make it into the 'heaven" of the "Marxists' section", along with
>James Connolly, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, and Daniel de Leon, but Mao,
>Stalin, and Georgi Dimitrov are consigned, along with Bakunin!!, to the
>"hell" of the "Non-Marxists' section"!!  I mean, seriously :-(
>L. Paulsen

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