Text of Khrushchev's speech??

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Thu Aug 5 02:12:54 MDT 1999

>That's the Marxists' Internet Archive at www.marxists.org ?  It isn't
>There is no Khrushchev section.  Brian, do you have any responsibility for
>the organization of that site?  If not, the following sentences are not
>directed against you.  If so, HOW IS IT that Hal Draper, William Morris,
>Pannekoek make it into the 'heaven" of the "Marxists' section", along with
>James Connolly, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, and Daniel de Leon, but Mao,
>Stalin, and Georgi Dimitrov are consigned, along with Bakunin!!, to the
>"hell" of the "Non-Marxists' section"!!  I mean, seriously :-(
>L. Paulsen
I have to agree with you on this, Louis. It is really too bad that a site
that is so well done, and so well detailed still feels it neccessary to
"interpret" for the reader- this site's best service will be in providing
the ability for newcomers to read through, but it is already interpreted for
them. I just checked- where is Mao's "let a hundred flowers blossom, let a
hundred schools of thought contend" from the fifties?


To criticize the people's shortcomings is neccessary, as we have already
said, but in so doing we must truly take the stand of the people and speak
out of whole hearted eagerness to protect and educate them. To treat
comrades like enemies is to go over to the stand of the enemy.

Mao Tse-tung, "Talks at the Yenan forum on literature and art".

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