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Wed Aug 4 22:33:46 MDT 1999


I have no quarrel with what you say. The question is a matter of emphasis.
No one would deny that international imperialism is an active player in
India; perhaps less so, proportionately, than in any other Third would
country because of India's massive scale of events and thus massive
bourgeoisie. I don't know all that much about India; I have heard that
international capitalism is as much a force in India as it is elsewhere but
I tend to doubt this -- until somebody wises me up on the matter.

On a world scale, however, and in the country that is my primary concern,
Puerto Rico, imperialism is a greater danger than the domestic bourgeoisie
and must be struggled against. National struggle thus is struggle against
the foreign/international detachments of the bourgeoisie. If that struggle
falls into the hands of religious fanatics and ambitious populists, who can
in some places -- in the absence of strong working class organizations and
parties, and with ample assistance from external imperialism -- divert the
direction of struggle from the main enemy, then that situation calls for
its own analysis and action. But I don't think Iran, Afghanistan, et al.,
represent the conditions of struggle in most of the rest of world, which
are struggles primarily againsat international imperialism and of course
its constant companion, neocolonialism.

If there is a hint in your communication that imperialism is not the
primary enemy on a world scale, I would have to disagree.

Jim Blaut

moist of what I say about the Third world concerns world-scale processes.

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