Re(2): Stalin and the POWs

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Sat Aug 7 12:51:53 MDT 1999

Mark Jones writes
>Paul, does it occur to you (it certainly did to Deutscher) that these
>allegedly superior eastern Europe states had all collapsed
>unceremoniously in the face of Hitlerism? Are you able to draw
>any conclusions from that?
Marj Jones writes this . Can I suggest that even Sweden and Switzerland
would have collapsed if Germany invaded. Germany was many times their size
in population as well as military and economic advancement.

On a general point using military and political emergencies as an excuse
fotr limiting civil rights can lead anywhere.

Of course there was a Russian example that Stalin was probably aware of.
The decembrista were influenced by the French Revolution in part by
returning Russian military officers who were based in Paris after the fall
of Napoleon.

One African dictator remarked that students sent to Moscow returned as
Capitalists and ones sent to Western countries returned as Socialists.

Perhaps you can explain the fates of the 3 Irish Communists and Socialists
who died in the Gulag. Wre they part of an Irish Capitalist plot to
convert Russia to catholicism.
Jim Monaghan

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