Detainees Executed in Iraq

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>From RedNet News Service;
Center For Human Rights
Tuesday 20 July 1999

In accordance with a secret Presidential Decree signed by Saddam Hussein
58 Political Detainees Executed in Abu Ghraib Prison. Our Party sources have
reported that the dictatorial regime has executed 58 political detainees on
14 April 1999, in the notorious Abu Ghraib Prison, in accordance with a
secret presidential decree, carrying the number 463, and signed personally by
the bloody dictator himself, Saddam Hussein.

The decree justified the heinous crime by claiming that the victims had
committed «acts of treason» and tried to «inflict damages on the state»!
A full list of the names of the 56 victims, and the articles of Iraqi Penal
Code under which they were sentenced, has been obtained. These articles
reveal the political nature of the unjust sentences.

According to the party sources, the victims had been moved to Abu Ghraib
Prison from the execution ward in the Directorate of Public Security and
from the Public Intelligence Directorate.

The list reveals that 16 of the victims are residents of the capital
Baghdad (mainly from Thawra and Shu’lah districts). The rest are from
governorates to the south of Baghdad: Babel, Kerbala, Najaf, Qadisiyya,
Waset, Mthanna, Misan, Thi Qar, Basrah. This list also included three
army officers; two from Baghdad (Thawra and Shu’lah districts) and the third
from Diwaniyya (Al - Ahrar district).

It is well-known that these governorates and areas witnessed, during the
weeks before this massacre and afterwards, many acts of mass resistance
against the regime. This movement, of varied extent and intensity, have
been met with barbaric repression. This latest wave of mass executions
constitutes only aspect of this vicious campaign.

Once again, we call for urgent action by the world community and
international human rights organizations to stop this continuing
massacre of political detainees. The UN Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan, and
Chairperson of the UN Human Rights Commission, Mary Robinson, are called
upon to intervene to save the lives of hundreds more political prisoners
who are threatened with physical liquidation in Saddam’s jails and
detention centers. The UN Security Council must act in accordance with
its own resolution, UNCSR 688, to compel Saddam and its henchmen to stop the
massacre and the barbaric violations of human rights. Turning a blind
eye to this ruthless campaign of annihilation can only encourage the
perpetrators to commit further such horrific crimes with impunity.

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