Y2K, global warming, Christian rightwing fundamentalism, Marxist sectarianism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Thu Aug 5 18:57:53 MDT 1999

>Creative analysis might ask how the anti-capitalist
>demand for reduced growth tallies with bourgeois thought, how the rise of
>environmentalism fits in with the current period of reaction and so forth.

This is ridiculous. The need to reduce greenhouse emissions is one of the
must fundamental challenges to the survival of humanity. Coal and gas have
to replaced by alternative energy sources, or else global warming will kill
millions of people and wreak economic ruin on exactly those people who
Marxism seeks to lead to liberation. Severe weather patterns, such as
Hurricane Mitch last year, caused the death of over 100,000 Central
Americans. It is directly attributable to a more intense occurrence of El

Scientists at MIT, Princeton and my own university Columbia, have developed
computer models of global warming. There no longer is any speculation about
its reality from credible sources. The tiny handful of skeptics are all
being funded by oil and gas companies.

So what is the attitude of Marxism toward global warming? Deny it? Argue
that the Greens who make an issue of it are trying to "hold back" growth?
Socialists have to develop a program for global transformation that takes
this into account. This is not 1840-50, when most people, including
scientists and Marxists, did not really comprehend the future of
unregulated capitalist growth. Marx only first began to consider these
questions when the problem of soil fertility was becoming widespread in
Europe and the United States. "Guano imperialism" was the first
manifestation of the crisis, much as conflicts over water have begun to
break out in the Mideast today.

After Marx died, research into these questions ebbed. When the Bolsheviks
seized power, the first thing they did was establish a Commissariat on
Nature Preservation which set as its goal "reduced growth" in much of the
country's underdeveloped steppes. When Stalin took a sharp turn in the
direction of super-industrialization, this commissariat was dismantled and
a development plan consistent with Frank Furedi's "Atlas Shrugged" version
of progress went full blast ahead.

I would suggest that Welch find the time to study the Marxist literature on
ecology. Right now his banalities are the sort of thing I can read on apst
any day of the week. This list has higher expectations.

Louis Proyect

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