Caracas Lurches Left and Rejects Markets

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at
Sun Aug 8 05:11:04 MDT 1999


My enthusiastic critical support to the Venezuelan President
Chavez needs no introduction, but allow me to extract
something by Jose Perez to further enhance it.

El  8 Aug 99 a las 1:05, Jose G. Perez nos dice(n):

>     BTW., if a bunch of us on the left aren't sure what to
>     make of =
> Chavez, it should be noted the imperialists are in the
> same boat. It's = funny, but on both sides of the class
> line many of the most conscious = people are saying "I
> sure hope Chavez knows what he's doing" -- although = what
> we mean by it are polar opposites.=20

Baltasar Gracian, the Spanish essayist (and a master of
written language) of the 17th Century, wrote his own
version of Macchiavelli's _Prince_. One of his basic ideas
was that "the Prince must execute plenty of non
understandable actions" (this is a sad English version of
the superb "incomprensibilidades de caudal", but I send it
to the list in the hope that Jose, a professional
translator, can do better than me). Chavez is -knowingly or
not- following the advice. Don't allow them to take you in,
seems to be his motto. And it is a very wise motto in
Latin American politics today. Of course, for us on the
revolutionary camp it is a slippery soil to walk on, but
well, we shall have to learn and outwit the wittiest ones!


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