Question regarding Stalin and the POWs

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>How much was the conscious creation of paranoia an intended consequence?
>saw how effectively SAVAK worked the creation of paranoia among the
>students on our campus.  I also saw considerable fear when I was in Cuba.
>For example, our tour was not allowed to go near day care centers for fear
>someone might do something against the children.
>Michael Perelman
Paranoia is probabkly the most effective result of secret agencies. In
some cases they do not even need real agents,. One Irish Republican org.
tore itself apart with paranoia. More of its own members were killed by
themselves than by the Imperialists.

The ANC in exile had a few witchhunts.

Perhaps Lenin was right in not getting paranoid about the true allegations
about the head of his Duma delegation. Perhaps the result of a witchhunt
would have been worse.

Could we extend this debate to one on democracy and the Workers State. Is
democarcy and civil rights just a luxery of peace or a neccessity for
proper functioning of the state, Trade Union whatever. We have all seen
the mini dictators in the left sects and the damage they can do with
paranoia and undemocratic so called democratic centralism.Surely
democratic structures would help avoid the destruction wrought by these on
the miocro scale and on the macro scale in a country.

Can I say that the paranoia of the Kim regime is aggravating the famine in
North Korea. A recent article in the Irish Times ( by a
ngo rep states that it is quite grave. I am sure Imperialism does not care
but the regime is not helping either. Russia accepted foreign aid during
the famine ogf the twenties.
Jim Monaghan

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