Text of Khrushchev's speech??

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Fri Aug 6 01:19:53 MDT 1999

> If the site is to be non-sectarian, perhaps a Trotskyism section, a
>Stalin section, etc... with some kind of intro.

  Thanks for the suggestion. We plan to create a student section to
the site some day, and one part of it we hope to explain all the
different sects of Marxism. We are all busy with other work, but if
anyone has the time to offer suggestions or help with this, please
let me know.

  You doubt it can be non-sectarian. I would aim to put bias in the
section, simply by quoting the first four lines of chapter two of the

  On fairness to each section. This is possible. Only needed is each
sectarian to report it: a Trotksyst, Stalinist, Guevaraist..., etc,
etc, etc.

>  As far as "proving" that Stalinism is Marxist sufficiently, No.

  The machine cannot function by opinons Macdonald. Simply saying
Stalin shouldn't be among non-Marxists does nothing. Before we moved
him many people wrote us telling us to move him out for long-winded
reasons. We debated the issue for weeks, and decided that to execute
members of the working class is necessarily to be an enemy of the
working class; an enemy of the working class is not Marxist.


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