Sima Nan: Fighting Qigong Pseudoscience in China

KDean75206 at KDean75206 at
Thu Aug 5 22:58:29 MDT 1999

I am not a supporter of Chinese style "Communism" in any way/shape or form,
but I applaud their government efforts to stop dangerous and manipulative
pseudoscience. Which is why I post this web address.  A quick exerpt from the
article...The full article can be read at:
(I would also like to note that as "Marxists" I think it would be in our best
interest to read the other articles in "Skeptical Inquirer" so we know how to
battle superstitions at home....)

"After the Great Cultural Revolution in China, people were liberated from the
old superstition of character worship (Mao). But many Chinese felt empty
because they lacked orientation. Mao Zedong had called on the country to
eliminate superstitions, cults, etc., but many old ideas still stuck in
people's minds. It was not enough to simply tell people to abandon these
outdated notions without also explaining why it was of benefit to do so.
There was no education to accompany the doctrine. Those who are used to being
tightly controlled, and have become comfortable with it, tend to treat their
qigong masters not as people, but as gods."

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