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>>2. Phillip wrote:
>>>We may be moving to a situation in which the national question, as it
>>>been posed over the last 200 years since Wolfe Tone, becomes less
>>>and 'straight' class lines of cleavage become more important.

This has been the case for many years. In the formally independent South
it is necessary to build a program based on the needs of the struggle
On a simplistic level the South is a neo colony and a junior( a very
minor) partner in European Imperialism. The North was retained By British
Imperialism for strategic reasons rather than direct exploitation reasons.
(Sea approachs, doubts about the ability of the Southern Bourgeoisie to
keep a lid on things)  What are the relative proportions is a task  yet to
be analysed.

There is a relative autonomy between the struggles of different sectors,
women, trade union, minority groups like Travellors, immigrants/refugees
etc. I feel that some mechanically bind them in some mishmash of a
program. It is only in the last analysis, probably a revolutionary
upheaval,  that all the sectoral struggles come together in an explosion
that breaks the state. While the national struggle is still the crack
along which Bourgeois stability will crack artificially bending other
struggles within its framework leads to all sorts of nonsense.The worse
being of the sort that Womens liberation has to wait until national
freedom is achieved. The breakthroughs (limited still) the Republicans
made in the South were on anti drug campaigning and other similar issues
not on the national struggle.

To be honest the task of preparing a program which genuinely puts all
these struggles in some form of a coherent program is only just beginning
again. The ehaustion of the generations of the sixties and seventies
generations in all the groupos/parties as well as individuals is a
problem. Most of those still involved in solidarity campaigns of any kind
appear not to want to even think about things. In their hearts they know
that the GFA is a cul de sac but this only depresses them as this would
mean starting over with next to nothing.
Jim MOnaghan

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