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>From Universities and Empire: Money and Politics in the Social Sciences
During the Cold War", Edited by Christopher Simpson, The New Press, N.Y.
1998 (Highly Recommended primer on Social Systems Engineering and
Whoring/Toadying/Sycophancy in Research and Policy in "Mainstream" Academia)

'...A ratking is something that happens when too many rats have to live in
too small a space under too much pressure. Their tails become entwined and
the more they strain and stretch to free themselves the tighter grows the
knot binding them, until at last it becomes a solid mass of embedded tissue.
And the creature thus formed, as many as thirty rats tied together by the
tail, is called a ratking. You wouldn't expect such a living contradiction
to survive would you? That's the most amazing thing of all. Most of the
ratkings that are discovered, in the plaster of old houses or beneath the
floorboards of a barn, are healthy and flourishing. Evidently the creatures
have evolved some way of coming to terms with the situation. That's not to
say they like it! In fact the reason their discovered is because of their
diabolical squealing. Not much fun, being chained to each other for life.
How much sweeter it would be to run free! Nevertheless, they do survive,
somehow. The wonders of nature, eh?'
 (Michael Dibdin, Ratking 1989)

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